The Perfect Car for Cyclists?

What sort of things do you look for in a car? What about a washing machine to clean your kit? Skoda polled 1,500 UK cyclists to find out what were the most important things they wanted from their drive before and after their ride. They took the results and came up with the Karoq Velo. And yes, it does indeed have a washing machine, a pressure washer to clean your bike and even a built-in drone station.

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Best Bike Routes

A comment that Mark Cavendish recently made in conversation with Daniel Friebe on the Cycling Podcast got us into a discussion about our favourite kind of rides, particularly here in Mallorca where we live. A circular loop is always satisfying, while ‘there and back’ rides where you retrace your steps split opinion. Turns out an A to B journey where you end up in a completely different location to where you started from was the most popular.

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Rapha and Paul Smith Collaboration

Rapha have just released a new range of jerseys, bib shorts, base layer and T shirt in conjunction with Sir Paul Smith. They feature the legendary designer’s trademark stripes over a rather classy British racing green.

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Where To Get The Best Giro 2019 Coverage!

Frustrated by the coverage of the Giro this year? Turns out you’re not the only one. With ITV not broadcasting it at all, Eurosport have literally no competition in the UK. And their biggest, most glaring omission, particularly in a dire first week of long, flat stages, was the absence of the language mangling, mixed metaphors and hilarious anecdotes of Carlton Kirby. If you’re missing the crazy tales, wit and lively commentary of CK, read on to find out where you can listen to him.

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Cycling Crashes: Top 5 Injuries

If you’re a keen cyclist, chances are that sooner or later you’re going to have a nasty crash. In fact it’s been said that you can’t call yourself a proper cyclist until you’ve broken your shoulder or at least had a decent dose of road rash. So, given it’s only a matter of time before you do crash, what can you expect?

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We Rode All Day by Gareth Cartman

There are heaps of cycling books out there that cover the heroic age of cycling. From biographies of the greats like Bartali and Coppi to accounts of some of the early grand tours, there’s plenty of choice for those that want to delve into cycling’s great heritage. Fascinating as they might be, I’ve not come across one that brings the early days of the Tour de France to life as much as Gareth Cartman’s We Rode All day.

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The story behind Carlton Kirby’s new book, “Magic Spanner”

Ride Velo’s Robbie Broughton gives the inside story of Carlton Kirby’s new book, Magic Spanner: The World of Cycling According to Carlton Kirby. Find out how Eurosport’s language -mangler and pun-master came to pen this long-awaited tale of crazy fans on the Tour de France, life on the road with Sean Kelly and Greg LeMond and an expert’s behind the scenes view of what it’s really like on a Grand Tour.

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Cycling's Last Supper - Who's Judas?

Packed full of wit and cycling references and printed onto premium paper with pin sharp imagery, Hommage Au Velo’s Last Supper is a fantastic take on Leonardo Da Vinci’s classic that is an absolute must for any cycling fanatic’s walls. We spoke to its creator and brains behind the art work, David Law, about his inspiration, cycling background and thoughts on cycling’s greats.

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Strava Cyclists Ride to Pluto in 2018!

For those of us obsessed with our Strava stats, intent on climbing up the leaderboards, Strava has just released its data for 2018. Their top statistic is that 8.7 billion kilometres were ridden worldwide over the course of the year, which equals the distance between Earth and Pluto!

Despite this, most UK ‘athletes’ only managed 34.1 rides during 2018 (that’s about one outing every 10 days). Does that make you feel better if you didn’t quite manage to achieve all your cycling goals this year? And don’t forget the old adage that if it didn’t happen on Strava, it didn’t happen at all, so not recording your workout is no excuse!

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Mallorca's Tough New Toros de Gravel Ride

Our friends at Cafe du Cycliste recently branched out from the Cote d”Azur and opened up a classy new store in our adopted homeland of Mallorca. We visited last month and were quickly salivating over the beautifully made cycle wear and Cervelo bikes to rent, mentally writing our Christmas wish lists as we went.

The guys at C du C have wasted no time in getting to know the island, but rather than taking the beaten track and sticking to the infamous road rides we know and love, they completed a punishing gravel ride in the centre of the island. Read their stunningly illustrated report on the ‘Toros de Gravel’ here:

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Mallorca 312 Registration Open

“This is what bikes are made for. This weather, these roads, these landscapes.” So said one of last year’s participants of Mallorca 312, one of the best cycling sportives in the world. With closed roads on the entire route which starts on the east coast of the island and climbs into the Tramuntana mountains this is a bucket list ride on the same level as the Etape du Tour. And registration is open!

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Oh No My Bike's Been Stolen!

I’ve been riding bikes since I was about five years old, so that’s a fairly long time now, but I’d never had one stolen before. Of course it happened to friends and colleagues with sickening regularity and I genuinely felt their pain as they showed me photos of their former pride and joy and explained the enormous sense of bereavement they felt. And then finally it happened to me.

The annoying thing is that I had a feeling that day – a friend at work had told me how her mountain bike, treasured for many years and ridden for thousands of miles, had been lifted from Preston Park station. How the thieves had just cut through the steel lock like butter and left the remains as a cruel reminder of how powerless we are against them.

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Is Valverde a Worthy World Champion?

Alejandro Valverde’s win at the worlds on Sunday was the crowning moment in the Spaniard’s career. It was his twelfth attempt after being on the podium with two bronze and two silvers in the past and was surely the sweetest of his 122 victories as a pro. But ‘Bala’ (‘Bullet’ in Spanish) has proved to be somewhat of a controversial recipient of the World Champion’s jersey who reminds some commentators of cycling’s murky past. Is he a worthy wearer of the Rainbow Stripes?

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The Musette Cafe

We love a cycling cafe - who doesn’t? A well placed pit stop for coffee and cake is just what the cycling doctor orders. So we were super-excited to hear about this new addition to the rolling Chiltern Hills: The Musette Cafe.

This cycle cafe is rather different to many that we’ve seen which have been created by guys who’ve made money in the City, which they then invest in their hobby. The Musette Cafe has come about through the collaboration of a local cycling club, a cycle photographer and upmarket cycle clothing brand ashmei.

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Aldi's Cycling Kit - it's Back and Better than Ever!

Discount brand Aldi is back with some super autumn cycling kit and it’s better than ever.

When Ride Velo tested out Aldi’s bike wear a couple of years ago we found it to be excellent value but a bit “Robocop” in styling. This time round Aldi designers have clearly been studying upmarket brands like Rapha and popular commuter marks like Endura and pared down their detailing to a much more wearable level. They’ve even included cyclists’ favourite merino wool in the mix.

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Your Chance to Quiz Wiggo

Want to get the inside story on the “jiffy bag”, ask about his appearance on The Jump, or his latest career as a rower? You’ll get your chance to quiz Sir Bradley Wiggins in person as he goes on tour (without his bike) this November.

If you’re anywhere near Manchester, London, Guildford, York, Cardiff or Nottingham, you’ll be able to join the former British professional road and track racing cyclist, along with TV presenter Matt Barbet, for an evening of tales from his fascinating career.

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Ashmei Merino Tested in the Tramuntana Mountains

September in Mallorca: it’s been too hot in recent months to get out on the bike much. But by now, if you set off bright and early it’s just edging above the 20 degree mark. Blue skies and only a gentle breeze make for perfect cycling conditions.

Ashmei have sent me their merino wool short sleeve jersey and a pair of bib shorts to try out. I may be cool now, but I know that I’ll be pretty hot and not a little sweaty after the 400m climb that awaits, so a good opportunity to try out its wicking qualities.

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