AA Publishes Highway Code for Cyclists

Cyclists Highway Code

The Automobile Association has published a Highway Code for cyclists. The booklet contains guidelines about how to travel safely on a bike. AA boss Edmund King, said cyclists and drivers were "often the same people", adding: "The Highway Code is important whether you are on two wheels or four.

"As a keen cyclist and father of three cycling children, I would urge you to check out this book. Today more than one fifth of AA members regularly cycle and this guide will encourage a new generation to join them."

The 128 page booklet also contains features on choosing and setting up a new bike, cycle maintenance, and accessories. A section devoted to younger riders includes all the key rules of the road and a quiz, designed to aid understanding of the key cycling concepts and regulations.

The Cyclist's Highway Code: Essential Rules of the Road is available from Amazon priced £4.99.