Jacques Anquetil Print

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Jacques Anquetil.jpg

Jacques Anquetil Print


A beautiful limited edition giclée print of just 100 by artist, Richard Long.

Print size is 29.5cm x 21 cm to fit in an A4 frame on high quality Redcliffe 210gsm Watercolour Paper.

Each print is numbered and signed on the front.  

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Jacques Anquetil 1934 – 1987

Maitre Jacques won all three of the Grand Tours: the Tour de France five times, the Giro d’Italia twice and the Vuelta a Espana once. His incredible time-trialling ability earned him the nickname “Monsieur Chrono.”

An elegant rider, Jacques was known for his style. The look was that of a greyhound and, with his hands resting serenely on his thin Mafac brake levers, he appeared to cruise while others wriggled in a desperate attempt to keep up.

His rivalry with Raymond Poulidor divided France. His fluid style and the apparent ease with which won races delighted some while others identified with Poulidor, the grafter, his face lined with effort and often runner up.

He was held in great estimation by the British public who voted him BBC’s international sports personality of the year in 1964. He retired in 1969 to the life of a farmer in Normandy where he died in his sleep in 1987.