Yes! A Bike Friendly BBQ!

About this time two years ago we were inspired by a photograph on Twitter of a barbecue attached to the front rack of someone’s bike. It sparked a whole new yearning for a new kind of bike, a cargo bike. That dream was never realised although it did set us on the path to buying some touring bikes that opened up a whole new world for us.

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Rapha Go Check

Rapha have always produced the best quality jerseys around. Their original and first ever product, the black Classic remains just that: a classic. It’s been its bestseller and at the very heart of its collection ever since its release way back in 2007. Recent years have seen them venture into all manner of colours and some purists weren’t too impressed. But we predict their new Check Classic jersey will, in years to come, become a staple of their collection.

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REW Reynolds: British Cycling Shoes Crafted with Style and Passion

A good pair of cycling shoes are a must for any serious cyclist. They should be stiff, comfortable, light and stylish. Many professional cyclists (who are often superstitious) value their favourite shoes so highly that they won’t let them out of their sight in between races.  But there are times when you’ll want something a little different from the flashy, garish, ultra light and Velcro-strapped footwear that we see in the pro peloton.

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Brompton Review: Ugly Duckling to Design Icon

The first time I saw someone riding a Brompton back in the 90s I have to say that I thought it was a joke. It was the antithesis of the skinny steel road bikes that I loved. Tiny wheels, silly handlebars and an upright riding position went against all the aesthetics I thought I knew and loved.

But, while this eccentric looking folding bike has pretty much stayed the same since its invention in 1986, it’s no longer laughed at. In fact it’s become a design icon and no more so than in the Far East where a love for British design and innovation knows no bounds.

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Tannus Solid Tyre Review

Last month we wrote about the new Tannus solid tyres that are currently being used on the Ukrainian track team’s training bikes. The pitch we got from the Korean company at the London Bike Show was that there have been vast improvements in solid tyre technology in recent years and that they would be good enough for a road bike. We took them at their word and tried a pair for a few weeks. Here’s our verdict.

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Altum: The Bike Multi-Tool That Works!

The Ride Velo household must have half a dozen bike multi-tools, none of which really work very well. I’ve cursed each one for not reaching the more inaccessible parts of the bike or for the way bits flop around uselessly. And none of them have an 8mm allen key to unscrew my Look Keo pedals.

However, the guys at Altum seem to have fixed all three of those problems with their Modual Tool System (MTS). It’s a very neat idea. Two decent quality tyre levers clip in either side of the handle and it has detachable 2, 2.5,3,4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex tool bits as well as a flat head and Phillips screwdriver tool bit. There are even 3.23, 3.3 and 3.45 spoke keys. In fact it has 14 functions in total.

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Solid Tyres: Good Riddance to Punctures?

Someone once told me that my bad luck when it came to getting punctures was God’s way of punishing me for past sins. Obviously they were catholic and, while I hold no truck with superstition, I often wonder why it is that it’s always me pulling up by the side of the road to curse and grapple tyre levers with numb fingers.

Clearly, my tyre replacement skills have never really been up there with the best. The last sportive I did I had three flats in quick succession all because of pinched inner tubes or from not cleaning debris from the tyre properly. With such bad luck and poor bike maintenance skills, the thought of solid tyres that don’t puncture has always been particularly appealing to me.

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Which Turbo Trainer?

Winter miles make summer smiles, as the cycling saying goes. But as post-Christmas apathy sets in, along with an expanding waistline, motivation wanes. Adding bad weather and shorter days into the mix, getting out on the bike becomes less and less attractive. 'Tis the season of the turbo trainer...

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Best Cyclist's Christmas Stocking Fillers

Only 10 sleeps until Christmas, but it's not too late to fill your loved one's cycling stockings. Forget boring bike lights and unimaginative inner tubes, we give you our top selections from a year's hard graft trawling bike shows and reviewing the latest offerings from books to energy boosters. Here's Ride Velo's best little presents for 2016 which are guaranteed to delight the cyclist in your life.  

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Halfbike Review: Feel Like a Kid Again

There was a time when the Australians said that us Brits were only any good at sports that involved sitting down, which explained our Olympic success at both rowing and cycling. I wonder how we’d fare then if there was a competition for the Halfbike because, get this, it doesn’t have a saddle.

The Halfbike is an invention created by a pair of architects called Mihail Klenov and Martin Angelov, both passionate cyclists who shared “a vision about urban mobility and how it can be applied to the contemporary city.” They launched it on Kickstarter in 2015 and raised a million dollars in funding. Wow!

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Café du Cycliste Josette Jersey Review

When we went to Nice earlier this year for a bit of spring cycling in the sun we decided to pop into Café du Cycliste to meet their boss, Rémi Clermont. We’d been fans of the brand for sometime, but being able to see all of their products in one building certainly set the heart racing. As we composed wish lists of the Claudette and Francine jerseys, not to mention the very cool Antoinette blue and white striped bib shorts, I also came across the Josette jersey which looked rather different to any of the road wear stuff I’ve come across before.

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Hill & Ellis: British Style, Quality and Class

If you’re looking for a stylish urban bike bag that you’re not ashamed to turn up with at the office, cinema or restaurant then you need look no further. Hill & Ellis have become THE company to go to if you want a smart, beautifully made  leather bag that clips onto your bike rack like any other bike pannier. Ask Jon Snow, the Channel 4 newsreader who’s bought four of them but was so excited when he got his first that he tweeted, “I’m thrilled with my bag! Everyone is oggling it…You’ve cracked the bike bag problem!”

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New Wiggle dhb Kit Review

This week I have been mostly wearing dhb ... the latest threads from Wiggle. dhb, for those not in the know, is online cycling retail giant Wiggle's own clothing brand. I was pretty excited to get to choose two items from their autumn/winter range to review because I'd always secretly admired their distinctive but classy designs - and with lower end prices I'd long thought the brand looked hot - but not so hot as to tempt me to buy it.

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Amazing Value Autumn Kit from Aldi!

Last week, discount supermarket Aldi, launched it's latest range of fab cycling gear and accessories. It's first come, first served for savvy cyclists with an eye for a bargain. Already selling like hotcakes, this autumn Aldi is stocking a wide selection of new and improved clothing and accessories for casual and commuter riders, as well as high performance pro-cycling gear for the more serious cyclist.

As well as the clothing range, there are some serious accessories available such as the Garmin Edge 810 (£179.99) which has an advanced touchscreen cycling GPS, suitable for use both on and off the road. Aldi is selling the Garmin more than £200 cheaper than the RRP! 

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Lumo: New Range Launched on Kickstarter

It’s usually a good evening when we end up at Look No Mum Hands at the end of the day. It was extra special this Tuesday night as the bright and talented Doug and Lucy Bairner, founders of LUMO, were there too. They were lighting up Old Street with a Kickstarter campaign as they launch three new products to their line.

For those of you that don’t know, LUMO have been around for over a year now, designing and manufacturing some very special urban cycling wear. Their ‘pub test’ (would I wear this down the boozer?) has resulted in some great looking practical clothes that look cool, work well on the bike and are visible at night time. They achieve this by hiding strips of LED lights within the seams that are invisible unless switched on via a hidden rechargeable USB battery pack.

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Lumo Bermondsey Backpack Review

The long, hot summer is coming to an end - this weekend's Bank Holiday marks the turn towards autumn with glorious mellow weather and shorter days. It's back to work for most of us and time to get organised and be visible on our commutes again.

Ride Velo picked up a the military inspired Bermondsey backpack from Lumo at Spin London back in May. Lumo, of course, is famous for its innovative illuminated cycle wear but its products stand up to scrutiny even without the super effective built-in flashing lights.

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