Manchester Velodrome Planks For Sale

If you’re quick you may still be able to own a piece of cycling history by purchasing a piece of the Manchester Velodrome track.

The track is getting its first refit since it was last replaced in 2007 so thousands of planks of Siberian spruce have been pulled up from the National Cycling Centre and being sold by the recycling charity Emerge.

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Pedal Desks = Maths Success

Bethany Lambeth, an 8th Grade Maths teacher from North Carolina, is used to solving problems. But the one she had most trouble finding a solution to had little to do with algebra. Twiddling fingers, tapping toes, late and incomplete work: it’s a conundrum that’s had teachers scratching their heads for years.

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Eroica Britannia Poster 2018

Eroica Britannia have released their 2018 poster. Designed by Ride Velo's favourite cycling artist Eliza Southwood, it's described as “a story about landscape and territory. Of views and of the Peak District environment...a story where the brow of the hill touches the summer sky because it can and where the sun dances through the clouds making playful patchwork dapples of sunlight just because.”

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Rapha Goes Touring

Rapha’s heart has always been in road cycling but, perhaps reflecting the upsurge in bike touring and gravel riding, they’ve launched a small new “Rapha Explore” range of clothing to meet the needs of those who want to take the road less travelled.

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Injured Cyclist Sued by Cab Firm

An injured 28 year-old cyclist from London has resorted to a crowd funding campaign to fight a legal battle against a cab firm who are suing him for £5,000 in damages.

Sasha Evans was hit by a speeding taxi whilst cycling London in January 2015. He was hospitalised for 6 days and sustained multiple fractures, including his tibia, fibia and orbital bones. He suffered contusion to his lung and has been left with facial scarring as a result. He was fortunate not to have suffered worse. 

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Eroica Britannia Film Released

You can now watch a film about the hugely successful Eroica Britannia 2017.

The festival and vintage bike ride basked in beautiful summer sunshine in the glorious Derbyshire countryside back in June.

Watch the film to relive the memories!


Santander Team up with Pashley

The next time you pick up a Santander hire bike in London you may notice a few differences: the wheels will be smaller offering better handling, the saddle will have comfortable gel padding, the gears improved and the brakes more responsive.

That’s because the new fleet of bikes has been manufactured and designed by Pashley, the longest established bike manufacturer in England.

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Anna McNuff's £2K Adventure Grant

The explorer and adventurer Anna McNuff announced this week that she has just launched The Adventure Queen Grant with Arc’teryx Piccadilly worth £2,000.

The grant will be awarded to fund one woman’s adventure and includes £1,000 of Arc’teryx kit, £1,000 cash to spend on the adventure as well as mentoring and advice from both Anna and Arc’teryx.

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Classic Tour de France Posters Revisited

Check out these fabulous Tour de France posters on the We Love Cycling website. Celebrating the heroism of the sport they also give a fascinating insight into the routes the riders took, often tracing a full circuit of the 'hexagon' that is France.

Did you know that only 49 of the 130 riders completed the 1925 course? Or that the time trial was introduced in 1927 after Henri Desgrange became dissatisfied with the team tactics being employed?

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See Tom Pidcock’s World Championship Ride on Strava

Tom Pidcock put in a massive performance to win yesterday’s Junior World Championship Time Trial. You can take a look at the Strava stats behind his phenomenal ride here.

The 18 year old pushed Italy’s Antonio Puppo into second place by 12 seconds giving him his second Junior World Championship title after he won the cyclocross event in January this year. He’s been hailed as the ‘English Wonderboy’.

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Former World Champ Sven Nys in Amateur Race

Rookie cyclocross riders at an amateur race in Chicago got a bit of a shock when former world champion Sven Nys joined them at the start line last weekend. The category 4/5 riders, the entry level for racing bikes in the US, were treated to a lesson in cyclocross.

He tore round the 1.5 mile circuit for a few laps before pulling out and allowing the local riders battle it out for the finish.

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Stormtroopers on Bikes!

If you're a bit bored of the cycling kit on offer at the moment you may be intrigued to see that Milltag have just released two new Star Wars inspired jerseys. Their Shadow and Garrison jerseys use the iconic designs from Andrew Ainsworth, who created the Stormtrooper costumes for the original Star Wars movie filmed at Elstree Studios way back in 1976.

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Boardman Set to Redesign Manchester's City Streets

Speaking to British Cycling he said that, “I’ve not met anybody who is not totally up for change. All they want is a plan. Give me some evidence and a reason to do it and I’m with you.”

He says that he has been offered full commitment and backing from Burnham. His job as an adviser at British Cycling has given him a good insight into some of the problems and difficulties in getting more people on their bikes.

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Pricey Rapha Sells for £200m!

Cycling 'lifestyle' brand Rapha, yesterday announced it was selling a majority stake to a company set up by the grandsons of Walmart founder Sam Walton. Surprisingly, the upmarket cycling apparel retailer is being bought by the heirs of the supermarket chain known to 'pile it high, watch it fly'.

Rapha, whose jerseys start at £75, have agreed the sale for a reported £200million. Best known for their recent partnership with Team Sky, clothing the likes of Chris Froome, the company currently has a turnover of £67 million a year. 

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