Chris Boardman Apologises to The Sunday Times

Chris Boardman got into a bit of a fluster over an article he was asked to write for The Sunday Times last weekend. With the debate resurfacing over whether cyclists should have to wear helmets, they had asked him to contribute a piece to be published on Sunday.


Keen to get his point across he had tweeted on Saturday that, "I'll have a piece in @thesundaytimes tomorrow on the helmet issue (yet again) that you can read if you're interested."

But the article was never published and an angry Boardman posted another tweet on Sunday, "So the @sundaytimes asks me to write a piece, then doesn't use it or let me know. Thanks a bunch. Since I spent 2h of my weekend on it I'll post a link to it shortly."

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 15.38.14.png

But a red-faced Boardman was forced to admit the fault lay with him when he tweeted on Monday, "I’m a great beiever that when a paper makes a mistake on the front page, they should apologise on the front page. So, I owe the @sundaytimes an apology. The article I wrote for them was sent to the wrong address. Might not mean much to some but it does to me. My apologies."

Well done for saying sorry, Chris. Here's the link to the article he wrote.