Injured Cyclist Sued by Cab Firm

An injured 28 year-old cyclist from London has resorted to a crowd funding campaign to fight a legal battle against a cab firm who are suing him for £5,000 in damages.


Sasha Evans was hit by a speeding taxi whilst cycling London in January 2015. He was hospitalised for 6 days and sustained multiple fractures, including his tibia, fibia and orbital bones. He suffered contusion to his lung and has been left with facial scarring as a result. He was fortunate not to have suffered worse. 

As if getting hit by a taxi wasn't bad enough, the situation has escalated through no fault of his own when the taxi firm tried to claim £5,000 in damages to the car, and he is now caught up in a complicated legal battle with the company. This is proving to contain many hidden costs - from solicitors fees to medical reports - all of which add to the stressful ordeal of an impending court case. 

Sasha who is a teaching assistant as well as a musician and student at Goldsmith’s College has only recently managed to get back on his bike after months of physiotherapy and four months off work.

To donate to Sasha’s legal fund visit this link