Cycling in France Dictionary


If you’re planning on a cycling holiday to France this year you may need to brush up on your French. Do you know your pneu from your chamber à air? Freewheeling France offer a few choice phrases and some vocab that could help you out of a tricky spot.


Here’s a couple to get you started:

J’ai un pneu crevé  /  I’ve got a puncture

Vous avez une trousse à outils anti-crevaisson /  Have you got a puncture repair kit?

J’ai un probleme avec mes vitesses  /  I’ve got a problem with my gears

Je suis perdu. Vous pouvez m’aider, s’il vous plait?  /  I’m lost. Can you help me, please?

Key words:

Brake  /  frein

Bottom bracket  /  jeu de pedalier

Chain  /  chaine de velo

Sprocket  /  pignon

Helmet  /  casque

Pump  /  pompe a velo

Mechanic  /  reparateur de velo

Happy cycling! Joyeux Cyclisme!