Anna McNuff's £2K Adventure Grant

The explorer and adventurer Anna McNuff announced this week that she has just launched The Adventure Queen Grant with Arc’teryx Piccadilly worth £2,000.

The grant will be awarded to fund one woman’s adventure and includes £1,000 of Arc’teryx kit, £1,000 cash to spend on the adventure as well as mentoring and advice from both Anna and Arc’teryx.


Anna spent a year saving up for and planning her trip which she says changed her life. She rode across every state of the USA, some 11,000 miles. She remembers the day she decided to embark on her trip saying that, “That big leap of faith started a chain reaction which ejected me from the mundane rut down which I was travelling, and catapulted me across bumpy, uneven plains anew.”

She adds that, “It’s been a dream to give someone else the option to derail their own life too.”

anna macnuff.jpg

Sorry chaps, but this is for ladies only. “If you have ladybits and live in the UK, you’re in. So long as you’re over 18 and female there are no limits beyond that.”

The deadline for entries is 31st December, so if you or anyone you know has a spirit for adventure and needs a little help getting their trip off the ground, click on this link to find out more and apply.