Chris Boardman: Olympian, Businessman, Campaigner, Innovator

Chris Boardman appeared at the London Bike Show last week with some exciting news about his new performance centre which will be opening in Evesham, Worcestershire at the end of the year. The facility will include a wind tunnel, activity area and physiology testing suite that will be accessible to all cyclists whether they’re Olympians, Paralympians or club riders.

oardman explained that this was the realisation of a seven-year project and that, “I don’t really do excited but this is really exciting! I’m really looking forward to it.” The idea had been conceived all those years ago when he sat down for a curry with an aerodynamic scientist and, together, they hatched the plan. By the end of this year, you will be able to hire out the facility by the hour at “a very reasonable price” giving everyday riders the opportunity to benefit from high-end technology normally reserved for elite athletes. “It’s going to be revolutionary,” he said.

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