10+1 Of The Best Cycling Twitter Accounts

The younger generation may have dropped Facebook and Twitter in favour of Instagram and Snapchat ages ago, but Twitter remains at the heart of cycling gossip, banter and news. Check out this selection of Twitter accounts for some of the best chat, jokes and laughs as well as one or two more serious accounts that challenge the cycling establishment.

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The Men of Paris - Roubaix by Max Leonard

As this Sunday sees the 115th edition of Paris - Roubaix we bring you an extract of Max Leonard's piece from issue 5 of Avaunt which uncovers the story of how the most infamous race on the professional cycling calendar gained its nickname ‘The Hell of the North.' He traces the history of the race from the first edition in 1896, across the battle-scarred landscape of northern France, to the present day.

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Bunker Research by Max Leonard

Max Leonard, author of Lanterne Rouge: the Last Man in the Tour de France and the Rapha City Cycling Europe guides has just received an award for his latest book, Bunker Research. The British Book Design and Production Awards made him the winner of the Self-Published Books category.

Max is a contributor to Rouleur Magazine and has worked for Rapha and Strava as a writer. The idea for Bunker Research came about when he was researching and writing another book about cycling in the mountains. Speaking to Lecool Magazine, he explained how he came across these “weird concrete cubes and metal domes overlooking the roads or up on ridges, and I became fascinated.” He discovered that they were fortifications built before the Second World War to protect France from Mussolini.

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