Bespoke Cycle Touring from Oxford Bike Works

We’re in the 'between' season - post Tour and pre Vuelta, many of us feeling bereft having devoted so many hours glued to the telly for the best part of July. For us, the only diversion to compete with the tussle for the yellow jersey is pipe dreams about cycling touring, or bike-packing as the serious aficionados call it. 

So gripping is this fantasy that it actually took us into the wilds of Oxfordshire to meet the owner of Oxford Bike Works, Richard Delacourt. For those not hooked on adventure cycling blogs, Oxford Bike Works is literally the only serious provider of proper, hardcore bikepacking steeds, favoured by legends such as Tom Allen and Anna McNuff (look them up if you’re not in the know!)

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Eat Sleep Cycle - Anna Hughes

Back in December, Ride Velo met Anna Hughes at the Attack the Pack launch party. She appeared to be just another punter enjoying a card game with her mates at Look Mum No Hands! Little did we know, Anna had recently published her first book and is a celebrated cycle tourer, having completed a 4,000 mile ride around the coast of Britain. She promised to send us a copy, but she didn’t, so we had to buy it. But we’re very glad we did, and here's why: Eat Sleep Cycle.

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Warm Showers

Ride Velo always suspected that cyclists were very lovely people but now we have the evidence to prove it. Did you know that there is a worldwide network of cyclists offering showers, a bed for the night, laundry, food and more to their cycling sisters and brothers - and all for free?

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Super Cycling Man Rides the World!

Ever done a sportive to raise money for charity? Sure, most of us have, I expect. If not, I’m sure you’re constantly bombarded by emails from friends and colleagues asking you for money for their cause, and it can be tricky to support them all.

Spare a thought then for Will Hodson, who set off on a 5 year long adventure this April to cycle across all 7 continents of the world (including Antarctica!), a feat never achieved before. This a journey of some 100,000 km and, in the process, he will raise money for The World Cancer Research Fund, Parkinson’s UK, World Bicycle Relief and Sustrans. And all in a Superman costume, and over 5 years!

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