The Musette Cafe

We love a cycling cafe - who doesn’t? A well placed pit stop for coffee and cake is just what the cycling doctor orders. So we were super-excited to hear about this new addition to the rolling Chiltern Hills: The Musette Cafe.

This cycle cafe is rather different to many that we’ve seen which have been created by guys who’ve made money in the City, which they then invest in their hobby. The Musette Cafe has come about through the collaboration of a local cycling club, a cycle photographer and upmarket cycle clothing brand ashmei.

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Kent's New Cycle Pub - The Freewheel

Was there something in the air last May? Two cycle cafés we visited (London Velo and the Bicicletta Cafe) launched then. And this Easter weekend we visited the The Freewheel on East Kent's coast, which also started rolling last spring. It's the only cycle pub we've ever heard of - although they serve plenty of cake and coffee too. We were attracted by the prospect of three of our favourite things in one place; bicycles, good food and a beer garden on a sunny afternoon! What's not to like? Ride Velo met owner Adrian Oliver.

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