Urban Hill Climb, Swain's Lane

The Urban Hill Climb on Swain’s Lane in Highgate, made a welcome return this Saturday with over 200 riders taking part. There were a number of categories with men, women, youth, veterans and even cargo bikes represented.

Swain’s Lane is a well-known climb in this part of town that locals like to test themselves on and is arguably the most famous in London. At 900m it’s not the longest, but with sections as steep as 18% it’s not to be sniffed at. In 2014 Stanislav Cmakal ‘everested’ Swain’s Lane by ascending it 142 times in one day!

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Look Mum No Hands! - the cycle cafe that wrote the rulebook

Look Mum No Hands! - an unusual name for a cafe - but, as it turned out, weirdly prophetic. In 2010, three friends who were into cycling, launched LMNH and, unwisely for a new business, had no plan for failure or running at a loss. Just like a small child learning to ride a bike, full of confidence and knowing no fear, the trio "opened the doors, and in they came!" Huge acclaim followed. Ride Velo met with co-founder Lewin Chalkley to discover their recipe for success. 

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Glorious Autumn Sportive

Over 300 riders set out from the historic Herne Hill Velodrome for South London’s end of season sportive, The Ride of the Falling Leaves this Sunday. Blessed by and bathed in beautiful autumnal sunshine, there was a choice of either an 80 or 100 km route stretching across the gorgeous North Downs and Kent countryside with a maximum of 1500m of climbing for the hardier souls.

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