Jeremy Vine: Driver Arrested After Argument

Jeremy Vine, the Radio 2 and Crimewatch presenter, took to Twitter and Facebook last week with a video he recorded of a driver who threatened him while he cycled into work through the streets of Kensington. The Evening Standard reported today that the woman who tailgated and shouted abuse at him has been arrested on suspicion of common assault.

While many of us have been in a similar situation with aggressive drivers on the streets of London, it seems that this driver picked on the wrong cyclist. Vine has over half a million Twitter followers and the video he put out on social media, filmed from a camera attached to his helmet, included a clear shot of the driver's number plate as well as audible threats and swearing.

The incident comes hot on the heels of a similar confrontation between a driver and former National Champion, Maurice Burton, who told Ride Velo that he had been pulled off his bike by an irate driver over the Bank Holiday weekend. Not to be intimidated, Maurice told the man, many years his junior, "You picked on the wrong person!" and refused to let him leave until the police arrived on the scene. Let's hope that these two incidents will make angry drivers think again before attacking cyclists.