Girl Power Wins Trans Am Bike Race!

American Lael Wilcox beat the boys when she finished first in the Trans America Bike Race yesterday. Racing 4,400 miles over 18 days, the 29-year old endurance rider reached Yorktown, Virginia, ahead of all other 61 competitors. 

Wilcox managed to pass her closest rival, Steffan Streich, when the Greek rider accidentally rode in the wrong direction, 130 miles from the finish line. 

The race started on June 4 in Astoria, Oregon and travelled through 10 states, coast to coast across America. Competitors have to ride self-supported existing on minimal sleep and creature comforts. On the last night, Wilcox slept for just half and hour by the side of the road. She even had to eat all of her 10,000 calories a day while riding her Ruby Specialized road bike. 

What she get for that extreme endurance test? No prize money and no trophy, but total respect. Chapeau Lael Wilcox!