TFL Appeal for Thoughts on Traffic Congestion

Are you a cyclist fed up with London's congested roads? TFL are keen to hear from Londoners  who have ideas about how the Mayor can reduce the level of traffic congestion in the capital.

London’s roads have been getting steadily busier and more congested in the last two years after a long period of relative stability. Journey times have increased and average speeds are falling. Apart from affecting the quality of life for those people who travel on London’s roads with increased pollution, there is a significant economic cost as well.

TFL cite the fact that more vehicles are using London’s roads without an increase in road space. The capital has also seen significant road works recently as upgrades are made for pedestrian areas and the installation of Cycle Superhighways.

“The London Assembly Transport Committee is asking the question: what can the Mayor do to reduce the level of traffic congestion in London? We want to hear your thoughts. Send your submission to”