"Beep" off to the Mayor!

Fed up with getting cut up, strung up and stressed out on the city's streets? The London Cycling Campaign is giving cyclists the opportunity to alert the Mayor every time we feel unsafe on the roads. 

Teaming up with Swedish company Hovding, the LCC is giving away 500 free 'Flic' buttons for bicycles. Next time an HGV runs you off the road, press the button and Mayor Sadiq Khan will receive a message giving your location and a reminder of his pre-election LCC's Sign for Cycling commitments. 

The bicycle bell has kept cyclists safe for centuries. Hovding's 'Flic' button links to an app in your smartphone and automatically transmits your alert to the Mayor. This will help campaigners to map out particularly dangerous locations, junctions or routes through the city.

Hovding, who also manufacture an innovative inflatable cycle helmet, want to help turn London into a cycle-friendly city with their 'Give a Beep' campaign. The LCC said, "By distributing the digital 'Flic' buttons, they want cyclists in London to 'give a beep' and show the Mayor of London that our streets are in great need of improvement to make them safe and enjoyable for cycling."