Froome on TUE: “System open to abuse”

Chris Froome’s contribution to the current TUE debate today will be seen by many as a sideways swipe at Bradley Wiggins. He posted “My view” on Twitter which stated, “It is clear that the TUE system is open to abuse.”

Bradley Wiggins defended himself on TV on Sunday for taking the corticosteroid injection as asthma treatment before the Tour de France with the unfortunate words of “a level playing field,” a similar phrase used by Lance Armstrong when he admitted to taking EPO. Yesterday, Dave Brailsford, the Head of Team Sky backed up Wiggins, saying that they were playing within the rules. But many commentators have felt that his answers raise more questions about the team’s ethics.

Froome’s statement says that, “I know that I have to not only abide by the rules, but also go above and beyond that to set a good example both morally and ethically.” He goes on to say that, “I have never had a ‘win at all costs’ approach…I am not looking to push the boundaries of the rules.” 

  Froome's statement on Twitter

Froome's statement on Twitter

Wiggins’ use of the drug has been openly criticized by Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin who was reported as saying that taking the injection prior to the Tour “stinks” and that superfluous TUEs are “cheating”. David Millar, meanwhile has also been critical of the drug being prescribed stating that he himself used it as a performance enhancer before he was convicted for doping.

The UK’s two most successful riders have had a difficult relationship ever since Froome usurped Wiggins’ leadership in Team Sky.