Ibike London Mark Bowie's Death

Hundreds of cyclists joined Ibike London for a ride last night from Waterloo to Brixton to mark the anniversary of David Bowie’s death. They joined hundreds of other fans who gathered around the mural dedicated to Bowie in Windrush Square to drink, sing and dance.

Cyclists had dressed up in their favourite Bowie inspired outfits from Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke for the ride accompanied by Ibike's fleet of disco bikes. 

Ibike's aim is to promote and celebrate cycling in London. They organise free and fun rides and bike parties every month. They would love you to join their 1,000+ membership! 

Their team prepare a special route for every ride they do and they cover all parts of London in their quest to discover interesting places and nice views. They're usually short rides from 20 to 25 km which often end up at the pub where they enjoy gathering for a post ride pint. Check them out on their website!