Cyclist Comes to the Rescue

  Jose Antonio Faraldo stripped off to deliver the calf

Jose Antonio Faraldo stripped off to deliver the calf

It’s widely accepted that the right thing to do when a cyclist sees another in difficulty at the side of the road is to stop and check if you can help. But Jose Antonio Faraldo of the Bike and Beer Cycling Club from Betanzoz in Spain took that a few steps further last week when he interrupted a Sunday club ride for a cow in distress.

It had apparently been trying to give birth for five hours. The local vet had failed to arrive and the poor cow was exhausted and in trouble. When Jose Antonio and friends came upon the poor animal while out riding he stripped off his cycling jersey and sprung into action.

Fari, as he is known, was actually brought up in the village of only 12 inhabitants, and knew exactly what to do. After a couple of minutes struggling he was able to deliver the calf. Although the cow fainted in the process it’s been reported that both she and the calf are now doing well. 

Well done, Fari, for setting such high standards for the rest of us to live up to on the road!