Cyclist Pedals the Wrong Direction

Take pity on a poor Chinese migrant worker who spent over a month trying to get home for Chinese New Year on his bike before he realised he was going in the wrong direction. He pedaled more than 500km before he realised his mistake.

According to The South China Morning Post he had set out on a 1700km journey to his home town of Qiqhair in the northern province of Heilongjiang for the national holiday on his bike as he could not afford to pay for public transport. 

It was only when he was pulled over by traffic police in Wuhu, South east China for using the highway which cannot be used by cyclists, that he discovered his mistake.

He explained to police that he could not read a road map or understand road signs so had relied on passers-by who had given him the wrong directions.

The police officers and staff at a toll station took pity on him and clubbed together to pay for a train ticket so he could get home.