Festival of Women and Bicycles: Book Now!

Any women cyclists out there who feel they’re not being represented enough need to get to Oxford for the 4th and 5th March for the Festival of Women and Bicycles. The two day extravaganza will be celebrating the many wonderful ways in which women and bicycles are changing the world.

This year’s themes include family cycling, fitting bodies to bikes, going on crazy adventures and making space for women in cycling. A highlight of the weekend will be Saturday’s keynote lecture by endurance junkie Rickie Cotter, an “utterly gobsmackingly infectiously hilarious” speaker who has raced and cycled all over the world. As well as speakers there will be practical workshops and guided rides.

The event will be hosted by Oxford’s Broken Spoke Bike Co-op in partnership with The Adventure Syndicate at the East Oxford Community Centre. One of its directors, cycling adventurer and 2016 Transcontinental winner, Emily Chappell said, “Something special’s happening in the world of women’s cycling. I’ve been to a few of these gatherings and the atmosphere is electric.”

Book tickets through the Broken Spoke website. And, chaps, this event is open to all genders, so come and celebrate the power and potential of women and bicycles.