Boardman Calls For Highway Code Change

Chris Boardman and British Cycling launched a campaign today to make a change to the Highway Code, calling for a ‘universal’ rule to give way when turning at a junction.

Boardman says that, “At the moment there are 14 different rules around how you navigate a corner. It’s the most hazardous thing any of us do, regardless of if you’re on a bike, in a car or a pedestrian; it’s the most dangerous place in the road. Two thirds of all accidents happen at or around junctions.”

They propose a universal rule for pedestrians, car drivers, lorry drivers and cyclists to give way when turning left which is based on existing models already in place in countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Drivers turning at a junction would have to give way to people cycling and walking who may be on their nearside, or crossing the road they wish to turn into. Similarly, cyclists would have to give way to people walking who are crossing the road they wish to turn into.

British Cycling has launched a petition to allow members to add their support to the new proposal. As well as Chris Boardman the petition has been signed by Olympic champions Joanna Rowsell Shand, Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Steven Burke and Paralympic legend Dame Sarah Storey.

The proposals have been backed by both RAC and AA motoring organisations.

To lend support to the campaign you too can sign the petition by clicking here.